Re: How many coats of var

Posted by Aaron J. on Aug 18, 2004

OK I thought there was an article on it but thats on afor finishing a glassed deck bright which is a bit different so let me list out how I THINK I should do this and have you guys correct me where I need it. '

Ordered 7/8th ash to make new seats,twarts,yoke and I will make little roped handles for the canoe like whats seen on yaks.

After asembly I need to drill out the screw holes, and fill with epoxy and drill again.

The wood needs what a 180 grit finish for epoxy?

I asume one solid coat of resin will be enough?

That gets sanded down to 220 and then I varnish with a foam brush wet sanding in between with 400 grit for the 4-8 coats.

That sound about right?

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