Re: Glassing the Deck...

Posted by Howard on Aug 18, 2004

fwiw....i only overlap the glass about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. you really only need to ensure you are protecting the open edge of the deck panel and giving the corner some impact resistance.

with less have less sanding to fair in the overlapped cloth and less weight where it is not going to help the boat.

to make the whole deck glassing process easier i run a wide piece of coloured tape down along the side panels where you will want to cut the deck cloth. this provides a line for cutting and a line to help you ensure that you put the epoxy down properly to get the deck cloth properly over the sides. when the expoxy is "green" can then take a razor...and cut along the top of the tape...and pull off the extra cloth and the tape. the tape also helps keep the expoxy off the sides where you don't want it to be.

I would also recommend that you generously round over the edge of the deck to the side...makes glassing a lot easier and ensures the glass takes to the edge without sitting up.

you can also use a carbon scraper to fair the deck overlap into the side is a lot easier and faster than sanding.

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