Stitching Ches16 question

Posted by Josh Golladay on Aug 17, 2004

I am building a Chesapeake 16 from the plans. last night I started stitching the hull and I have a couple of questions that I cannot figure out.

Here's the background: 1. I have stitched the ends of the side panels 2. I stitched the bottom panels together 3. I placed a spreader stick in the side panels placed them upside down and opened the bottom panels up by sitting them on some dowels on top of the side panels.

This is where the questiosn began.

*First I noticed that the bottom panel seemed a few inches to longer than the length of the side panels.... I removed the spreader stick and let it relax a bit, and it lines up fine. I am assuming that is normal. It appears that there is quite a bit of bending involved to stich the side panels to the bottom...

QUESTIONS: 1. Should i stitch the bottom panels to the side panels with or without the spreader stick in. 2. **this is the really big one** How do I go about ligning up the holes I drilled in the bottom panels so that I can drill holes in the correct place in the side panels to stitch the two together.

I hope my questions are coherant.... I was struggling with how to ask exactly what I am trying to ask.... I look forward to your replies, as I have already gained quite a bit of confidence and knowledge by lurking around for a while!

Thanks in advance,