Re: Epoxy is peeling

Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 16, 2004

Oh man Doug. Charlie is right I think. It sure looks like too much time went by before your next coat so you did not get a chemical bond. Is it real hot in your area? That can reduce the time you have to recoat without sanding. Either that or surface contamination of some sort.

If the surface feels waxy/greasy under the peeled layer and you can wash it off with just plain water it is amine blush but normally after just 24 hours it's not an issue for recoating.

So try a test after you peel off the loose stuff if you think its not blush.

Clean a patch then coat it without sanding.

Sand a patch without cleaning and coat.

Which one sticks will give a clue to what went wrong so you can prep the boat.

Or just peel off the loose stuff, clean well and sand then recoat.

Good luck and let us know what you discover.

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