Re: painting on 600 grit?

Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 16, 2004

Nothing better than a well used boat Charlie! I believe that the level of finish should make you, the builder, smile. That is the only standard that matters afterall.

Boater asked if paint would stick to his 600 grit sanded paint. 600 grit certainly will result in a "piece of furniture" type of finish if thats what he wants. Sanding with even finer grits and then buffing will give him a show quality finish. I don't go that far. Tempting though before a boat show.

Sanding a hull to 150 only will leave sanding marks that show through varnish. If you are not concerned with looks, just the uv protection then I would not sand the varnish at all, just 3M pad it between coats. Then bammo, hit the water!

My preference is for a piece of furniture level of finish. It is time comsuming to do and a real pain in the ass to maintain. Thats what makes me happy though.


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