Re: guilty as charged

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 16, 2004

When it comes to the newbie developing sharpening and plane-adjusting skills, hit-or-miss is as good as anything. I'm serious! If you have ANY success at all, just keep at it. In time, your success rate will increase, and eventually, you will discover the technique that is working for you and perfect it into a mere routine.

I have also done a 'ton of woodworking' making furniture, cabinetry and fixtures, all with modern cabinet shop toolage. Kayak making gave me the block plane, and I couldn't be more delighted if it drew 75 amps! You think trimming a deck is easy with a belt (or any type of) sander, just wait till you perform the job with a plane. It's faster, requires less physical effort, is cordless, doesn't send all kinds of particulate matter down your lungs, and leaves curly shavings at your feet that MUST delight any true woodworker.

Just my $0.02, Kurt

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