guilty as charged

Posted by dave stanley on Aug 16, 2004

I must confess to preferring the belt and ROB sander in reducing the overhand of the deck prior to glass the deck of the 16 LT. I have done a ton of woodworking making furniture and had the pleasure of working and learning from a recently deceased 100 year old for 10 years. Boy, could he sharpen a chisel. But in the case of the hand plane it seems hit or miss in being able to adjust it to make it work. In time, I get it figured out ,by chance it seems, and off we go. I have learned to the value of keeping your tools sharp and keep replacing the sandpaper.I think it is good to plane the shear clamps, but that is about it. The 16 and 17 LT have been great projects, started in May and have been dealing with lots of wet weather.