Re: painting on 600 grit?

Posted by C. fronzek on Aug 16, 2004

Steve, It's a boat not a piece of living room furniture. When I practice wet re-entries my rear deck gets all scratched up from jabbing the paddle under the bungies. The deck suffers because my safety is more important than the varnish. My bottom is all scratched from riding over submerged objects.The only way to avoid this is to stay off the water. When I do a lot of paddling my boats sit outside mounted on a roof rack. The birds get plenty of chances to crap on them. I consider all this as part of the cost of doing business. As you can see I am not a proponent of kayaks as an art form. I must plead ignorance about boat paint. My boats are all finished bright. I roll it on, tip it off and forget about it. It's never prepped with anything finer than 150. Charlie

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