Time to Refinish

Posted by C-Dog on Aug 16, 2004

I have used my Ches 17 for 4 seasons now. This winter I think it is time I refinish it. I plan on doing the following:

1. Reinforcing the entire circumference of the hatch holes and fixing the a small crack in the deck in the aft hatch.

2. Adding 1 layer of glass on the bow and stern. These areas get abbused and I am noticing wear.

3. Sanding, repainting and varnishing. Really need to repaint - too many scratches.

4. Redoing my deck rigging. After 4 yrs, I know what I need and don't need/like.

5. Going to add that compass I always wanted.

6. Redoing the cockpit. New seat, hip braces, and padding. Have the kit recommended one now. May opt for a molded seat. Any suggestions.

Any suggestions on other things I should check/refurbish?