Re: painting on 600 grit?

Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 16, 2004

Not sure what paints or varnishes you use but Interlux Brightsides is most often discussed here since it is the paint recommended by CLC. It is very thin paint and builds thickness slowly. For example the red, green and yellow so common on kayaks can take from 5 to 7 properly applied thin coats to cover. I do mean thin coats.

Marine varnish is routinely sanded with 400 grit or finer to produce a quality finish.

If you have properly prep sanded your surface then the only thing you need to do between coats is knock the gloss and dust bunnies off.

Most guys sand paint/varnish with paper that is way too coarse. I find 400 about right for between coat smoothing and use the 3M pads every other coat to help build film thickness faster. Not sure why you call it a waste of time. My finishes look pretty darn good. As I have posted before, anything rougher than 320 between coats is for paint salesman.

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