Re: Mill Creek for Mom

Posted by Josh on Aug 13, 2004

Worried? I appreciate your concern. My mom is a novice boater and she knows it (and I trust her judgement). When she has gone out on the water it had been in the company of experienced friends. The tough part will be getting her to learn some resuce/safety skills.

I expect that the need for help in loading the boat onto her car will necessitate having other boaters around. My first choice for her would be some guided group trips, in calm water. That way a leader/instructor could impress upon her the requirements for safety. She is not a 'risk taker' by nature, so I'm not worried about her going off alone and getting into trouble. It's the unforseen accident that could be an issue.

Also, is there something particular to the Sasifrass 12' that makes it less safe that the Mill Creek?

Thanks, Josh

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