Re: Glassing bow and ster

Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 13, 2004


I did my MC13 hull glass and reinforcing all in one day. Better to have a chemical bond I think.

If the ends are rounded over and the glass trimed smooth then there is no reason to wait.

As I recall I had to cut one dart in each end of the re-inforcing to get it to lay flat. Stretch it to "precurve" it. I also prewet the tape so it just stuck to the boat. Pretty messy to try to hang the dry tape on the boat and wet it out there.

By dart I mean that the wrinkle was cut and the glass layed out one side over the other to take up the extra bit of cloth making the wrinkle.

But if the glass is not smooth on the ends there is no problem waiting to sand then doing the tape. But I only wanted to sand once.

Good luck.

In Response to: Glassing bow and stern MC by Jon T on Aug 13, 2004