Bubbles in Cockpit Glass

Posted by Brett on Aug 12, 2004

Hey all,

Just finished my cockpit glass and first coat of epoxy. It was quite a job, I ended up running out of daylight and rushing through a little bit and found the whole process was very fiddly. But I got it done to a reasonably satisfactory level. Anyone have any suggestions for getting small airpockets out - I layed the glass cloth a little to tight so it has pulled away just a fraction from the chine fillet and there are also a couple of small spots along the keel line. Is it possible to sand them out later - I imagine this will mean sanding through the glass cloth to achieve a smooth finish, then running a coat of varnish or something over the top. Anyone had any success? Thanks for your comments over the last couple of days as well, much appreciated and a fantastically active forum.