Re: Mill Creek for Mom

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 11, 2004

Josh, I'm getting a little worried about Mom here. Have you considered what's going to happen if she is unhorsed by some unforeseen event? I mean, if she cannot handle much of a boat out of the water, is she going to be able to meet difficulties ON -- or IN -- the water? Is she going to be willing to learn some rescue, especially self-rescue, techniques?? Is she going to be AVID about learning ANY kayak/solo canoe techniques???

Please don't be offended by my concerns; Leslie and I are avid birders also... but we all know what water does when it gets inside human lungs. I get a little nervous when enthusiastic persons try to get lukewarm people into small boats, and Leslie is terrible about it! She has so much fun that she begins to feel as though she must get everyone she loves involved!!

I have to say that, unless a person really wants to get into a small boat, it may be best to leave 'em happily on shore. I would rather risk that they miss a thrill than to have anything to do with someone getting outside of their comfort zone in a potentially hostile environment.

Personal Note: I don't think I want Mom in a Sassafras 12, at least, never ever alone. You know her a lot better'n I do, but my mom checked out in January of '81 when I was 21 and it sucked bigtime. So you better take care of yours, for me, or I'll beat you up.

Cheers, Kurt

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