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Posted by RonC on Aug 11, 2004

If any of you are following my earlier thread about the construction of a Pygmy Golden Eye and a CH 18, I can tell you that the Chesapeake manuals/plans "ain't that bad". With the Golden Eye, I got a 14 page instruction manual. Having built 2 Chesapeaks already, (MC15 & CH 17)I can tell you that there is nothing intutitive in either set of manuals. At least with the CLC kits you get a set of plans. THe construction process for the Golden Eye has two things in common with the CLC kits, they both use Okume plywood, wire stitching and epoxy in the construction process, Other than that, it's it's a completely different process to consturct the boat. Even after reading the Golden Eye instructions several times before actual construction, I'm having to re-read before/during each individual step. I'm going to have to take alot of what is in the Golden Eye manual, literaly because it seems almost counter-intutitive to the way I built my two CLC boats.

I got the CLC video after I built the MC 15 and it was a huge asset to building the CH 17. This forum is the best asset you will find anywhere, IMHO, and a 1st time builder could probably build a boat with just this forum and a set of drawings.


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