Re: Instruction Manual

Posted by George on Aug 11, 2004

"Given that, I do not think that you should be quite so apologetic for the problems you experienced with the instructions, regardless of which model it was" Sorry - whoops, can't do that, can I? (Just kidding) Actually, I had no significant problems with the construction; the only real problem, and one a manual can't alleviate, is that I lacked experience with this type of project. When I say 'blind faith', I mean that; I had to proceed, according to the manual, and hope/believe it would work just as advertised. It did. But that didn't mean I didn't sweat some of the steps. And in the long run, or end product, it's the attention to details that makes the difference.

Heathkit; that's the one I was thinking of. I read that they developed their manuals by having neophytes write'em as they built a kit. And as far as having several different levels of manuals, why not? After one kit, I don't feel I'd need the 'neophyte' model for the second. Finally, as has been noted, all of the information is available, whether on this site, in the books, the videotapes, and the manual. Should all of that be 'rolled into one' and sent with each kit? Maybe; but you'll likely pay more as well, and again, not everyone needs all of that information.

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