Re: Mill Creek for Mom

Posted by FrankP on Aug 11, 2004


Five pounds /may/ be reasonable with care in epoxy and small wood blocks in lieue of end pours. (Somebody correct me if the MC doesn't have end pours.) You may also be able to open up the cockpit a bit (I think Kurt did that with his) and you can always trim the components such as the sheerclamps etc. If you go from plans you might consider lighter weight woods (3mm instead of 4mm panels), and lighter glass (4 oz on hull none on deck), assuming your mother plans on just being in calm waters without a lot of obstructions hidden under the surface.

I don't know that you can realistically expect to shave 10 pounds, especially if this is only your first or second boat, but people have done some pretty amazing things with these. Another option may be the Chessy 14 with a modified cockpit and slightly larger beam. You can probably push the beam an inch or so without too drastic an effect on performance. (LeeG et al will correct me if I'm wrong on this.) The Chessy comes in at a lighter weight and you may even be able to get the "racing kit" or whatever that has the lighter weight woods.


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