Hatch closures

Posted by FrankP on Aug 11, 2004

I'm trying to do the Arctic Hawk style hatch closures, but I'm wondering how the tabs are attached to the deck. I figure there is some way to put nuts on the underside of the deck but my concern is that they will come loose. Anyone know exactly how the AH kits do this?

Once those are on and the skeg rigging, I'm finished for a while. I plan on varnishing later in the year or next spring.

In other news, my Carbon Fiber paddle shaft has turned out reasonably well. I layed 2 layers of 10.9 oz CF over a 3/4" (nominal) PVC pipe sheathed in Saran Wrap. Once the epoxy cured, I removed the PVC and Saran wrap leaving the thickness of the shaft just about perfect and it's very strong. I layed up my blades yesterday, 5 layers of glass with one layer of fleece (only material I had for color) on the back and 4 more layers of glass on the front. (4 oz fiberglass). I think that will make the blades stiff enough to use but not so heavy they make me tired. I just bought a vacuum sealer so I'll use that for the next set of blades--use less epoxy that way. Will try to do one up in all CF as well, but that will wait until I'm finished with my daughter's boat.

The wooden paddles are coming along. I hope to finish laying up Katie's tonight and then we'll get down to shaping them this weekend and next week, when I take some more vacation time. Going to SC for some surfin, kayakin, and visitin. Hopefully the weather holds off the coast and makes the water big enough to enjoy. I love hurricane season!


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