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Posted by Dave on Aug 11, 2004

My dear paddling partner, who used to write tech manuals for a living, among other instructional writings, thought the MC 16.5 (also 15 and 13) manual was pretty good considering it came from amateur tech writers. I was glad to have the plans which resolved a lot of ambiguity. The _effective_ manual for me was a kluge of the Manual (rev 6/99), the plans, the video (informative and great morale builder), the tech tips at this site, the -New Kayak Book_, the Wooden Boat article, and the CLC phone number. Certainly not by the numbers like the old Heathkit instructions I remember from decades past (but we don't want to string these craft together like a piece of electronics). But the process all worked out fairly rapidly , the craft floats and looks pretty and we're happy paddlers. And I learned once again: when all else fails follow the instructions. Dave

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