Re: Instruction Manual

Posted by George on Aug 10, 2004

I'm curious whatkit your friend bought; I've noticed on other forums this same discussion, with a wide variance as to instruction quality. The only manual I've seen/used is for a 17lt; it was good, but I recognized it was written by someone who had built several boats, and didn't 'remember' what it was like to build the first. Often, I had to read a section a few times, maybe even think it over for awhile, before proceeding, with an 'element of faith', if you know whatI mean. The boat turned out fine; but I felt the manual could have been better-written for the amateur. One way to do that would be to have several 'beginners' re-write the manual as they construct a kit, kind of a 'beta' manual, as an analogy. On the other hand, thousands of folks have successfully built these boats, all with the current instructions. Maybe we need a few 'options' when we order a kit; Basic/Advanced/Arctic Hawk!

In Response to: Instruction Manual by E. McConnell on Aug 10, 2004