Re: Ch 18 & P. Golden Eye

Posted by RonC on Aug 10, 2004


I think the boat is the STD, basis the width of panel 4, not much in the instruction book to differentiate except one mention of the difference in the offset in that panel for the Std & HP.

I downloaded some info from a website on someone who built an Osprey in New Zealand, figuring it was close enough to the Golden Eye to at least give me some pointers, the only thing that I can see is different is that the deck has an additional panel on each side which gives it a bit more "curve" than the "vee" shaped deck on the Golden Eye.

As far as setting up a site, I'm lucky I can turn on my PC without additional instructions 8-) I'll be taking some pictures along the way and hopefully, I'll be able to figure out how to post them here.


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