Varnish Problem - Update

Posted by Joe Aubin on Aug 10, 2004

Just wanted to say that once the varnish had some more time to cure, it held nicely. I ended up leaving the 3M fineline tape on there (on top of the varnish) for a total of a week or so, and it still pulled off fine. The only areas that saw some peeling is where I had been cutting the tape to make some designs...but the varnish had already been pulled to some degree. Thanks again for the tips, I called the 3M hotline, but they said there's probably nothing to do that will loosen the tape w/o removing the varnish too. Glad I just waited for the varnish to cure some more. I'll have to post up some pictures once I get them, the painting is done...ready to be re-launched for a nice long trip up at Acadia :)


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