The Pirogue

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 6, 2004

"it looks like a relative of the Mill Creek 16.5"

The PEE-roh is indeed similar to the MC... I call my MC13(s) a "high-performance pirogue" as far as its hull design is concerned. The classic pirogue is 12 to 14 feet in length. Those who get good with 'em can stand up and pole alon' de BYE-yoo or de flats, an' d' same is troo wit' d' MC13 also, too (Mister Loup is gonna recognize my parlances heah).

You might also hear the word 'pirogue' being used in French or Cajun/Creole cookbooks. It's usually a case of an eggplant or some such being hollowed out, and then stuffed with some incredibly tasty stuffing mixture often including generous seafood morsels with cheese(s), then baked, broiled or deep-fried.

'Pirogue', in case you haven't figgered it out by now, is French for 'boat'.

Cheers, Kurt (of the Maurer variety)

In Response to: Re: How many boats? by Jon T on Aug 6, 2004