Photos are up

Posted by DaveW on Aug 6, 2004

I'm not much of a picture taker, but here are three that show some of the building progression.

BTW, the okoume, epoxy, and many of the other building supplies were purchased from CLC. It's great having them close enough that I can drive over and pick up the supplies when I need them!

If anyone would like to take a look at my wife's Chesapeake 16LT or the Squeedunk Grebe that I build for my youngest children, they can be seen in the "miscellaneous boating photos" album on the same webshots site. I build the Grebe hull using the same process as CLC uses for the Chesapeakes, although it's out of cedar strips instead of okoume. The deck is something I worked out myself.

Hope everyone enjoys building as much as I do!

cirrus building photos

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