Re: How many boats?

Posted by Laszlo on Aug 6, 2004

Hi Jon,

It's a flat-bottomed, double-ended boat from Louisiana and eastern Texas specifically for swamps, bayous and other still waters. It's incredibly easy to build and will haul a lot of weight with a shallow draft.

It can be paddled kneeling with a single-ended paddle, sitting on the bottom with a double-ended paddle or rowed with forward-facing oars. I've also heard of them being sailed, decked over, lashed together to form catamarans, etc., but that's all pretty far afield from the original design and I can't see how any of that would work out well.

There are many versions out there. I built the one designed by Jacques Mertens. There's also a Bolger version and an Uncle John's (among others), but those are heavier and take longer to build.


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