Can I count restorations?

Posted by CharlieJ on Aug 5, 2004

Built new-

8 foot pram, Stevensons Caique (16 foot double ender), 35 foot Cross Trimaran, 8 foot Pram (Roberts design), Stevenson's Weekender, Mill Creek 16.5, Eastport Pram, John's Sharpie, B and B Yacht Design's Minipaw. I think there was a canoe in there somewhere too.

16 foot outboard (years ago)

Complete gut out interior rebuilds include-

South Coast 22, Lindsey 21 (including heavy modifications to exterior), Mako 19, Falcon 16 (I don't work on power boats anymore).

Currently building a B and B Yacht Designs Princess 22 and currently doing a full restoration on a 1961 Rhodes Meridian 25- (new interior and total exterior refit).

Currently dickering on contracts to build a B and B Yacht Design Bellhaven and to complete a B and B Core Sound 19.

Plus many odd this's and that's on other boats to numerous to remember OR list :)

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