Re: Hip Brace Placement

Posted by LeeG on Aug 5, 2004

You can screw into the underside of the deck at the coaming. I stopped putting 1/2" #8 screws into the sheerclamp for backbands after making a Ch16 and seeing the waterstaining that occured in the sheerclamp. 1/2" screw in soft cypress just didn't make sense for a strap that could get a persons legs pushing against it in the surf. On the NB I made I glassed a short 'hanger' down under the coaming as I'd seen in production kayaks where the seat is bolted to the hanger and the backband is bolted there as well. A thicker screw sent into the 3/4" wide coaming stack didn't have any problems but be SURE it's located correctly and the hole is pre-sealed with epoxy.

The original Northbay,XL,WR180 had no hip plates or thigh bracing in them for a few years,ergo no one was rolling these boats or using them in waves where bracing was a necessity. The Northbay is narrow enough to carve minicell for hip braces but you can't install them as shown in the picture below or they'll tear out. This is a roundabout way of saying that outfitting back then was an afterthought.

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