ply boats & strongbacks?

Posted by craig on Aug 5, 2004

G'Day All, I am finishing off a Chesapeake 17 built from plans. It is made from Pacific Maple and it looks great. It is my first boat and I have been fascinated by the process. So much so, that I am thinking about my next project (much to my wifes annoyance). When I bought the plans for theCh17, I also bought plans for a oneocean "Cirrus" as well. The Cirrus looked too complicated at the time and the plans were hard to follow for a first timer, so I chose to start with the Chesapeake. I am now thinking of building the Cirrus with a S&G hull with a stripped deck. QUESTION: The cirrus plans require the construction of a strongback and forms. Is this needed? The CH17 pulled into shape almost perfectly with just a tweaking when I put the winding sticks on. Couldn't I use the same method of construction, install some sheer clamps and use the internal forms for stripping a deck?