Re: Varnish peeling probl

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Aug 4, 2004

I can empathize. I've had to feather out some spots of lifted varnish with very fine sandpaper, then revarnish it with an fine artist's brush. Tedious work.

I've pretty much abandoned the fineline. The adhesive on it can be tenacious if left on or if the finish is not well cured/adhered. I now try to use the blue safe release tape instead. If the roll is new and clean, with no nicks in it, if you roll it down real well with a wall paper roller and you cut designs with a brand new single edge razor blade, it can perform pretty close to fineline in most applications, at least in my experience. And I've never had it lift finish, even after several days.

Sorry to hear of your misfortune


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