Re: Varnish peeling probl

Posted by Joe Aubin on Aug 4, 2004

I didn't wet sand between every coat... I'm using the 3M fineline, but this was happening immediately after I put it down. (I put the tape down, cut the pattern, lifted the excess and it was pulling up varnish w/ it) Unfortunately the tape is still on because I want to keep the pattern as the paint dries. I guess this is why CLC says to paint first, then varnish the deck. Looks like I'll be redoing quite a bit of varnish. *sigh* thx for the help...

I guess the only thing I have to figure out is if I can actually varnish over the paint at all. This would make my life much easier since I'll have a bunch of spots w/o varnish now.

In Response to: Re: Varnish peeling probl by Terry Mcadams on Aug 4, 2004