Varnish peeling problem

Posted by Joe Aubin on Aug 4, 2004

So I've been happily spraying coats of varnish on my LT17, basically refinishing it after a couple years. I am also going to paint the hull white now, and I've decided to put some patterns onto the sides by taping off areas, so after I paint there's a varnished area showing up. The problem is this, the areas that I varnished, after I cut out the tape, the varnish is pulling up with the tape. I'm not sure if its just because its been cut, but it seems like at least the last coat hasn't adhered all that well to the previous ones, or maybe all 4 coats I put on. It has been humid out, but I think I have given a solid couple days between each coat. Any ideas/comments, etc? I am currently planning on just painting the hull, then revarnishing any of the spots where the varnish was pulled up. Would it be bad if I got some varnish over the paint? Sorry for the long windedness, thx in advance!