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Posted by Terry Mcadams on Aug 4, 2004

What's your height/weight? The reason I'm asking is that I've built modified CH 14s for our own use as very light (32lbs) day boats for protected waters. They can roll very well. though I can't imagine much need to in safer waters.

The one I built for Jen (5"9", 115 lbs.) is the same as the stock plans, except I added 1" of freeboard. For me (5"10", 170, lbs.), I also added one inch of beam on the bilge panels and 1.5 " of beam at the shear. Seems to be pretty stable, fast for its length and a joy to maneuver. No hatches, though I did move the aft bulkhead back 3" to give a bit of storage behind the seat. Glassed hulls only with 4 oz. cloth. 4mm bilge panels and 3mm shear panels and decks. Maybe glass the deck if you want to roll the boat or at least stiffen it behind the seat.

These are not sea kayaks or campers by any measure, but very handy for what they're designed for. Much, much better than the cramped, poor-tracking Severn I built a few years ago.


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