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Posted by Steve K on Aug 4, 2004


Good morning.

Consider a couple things when you set up your oars. In the rowing world oars should cross over. You should have the oars shimmed so that your left hand is over the right when the oars meet. You should also take a look at the height of the oar lock with regard to your position in the boat. The lower a rower sits the higher the oar lock. In addition, if you are using a sliding seat and foot stretchers, the oars should cross just over your thighs in the middle of your "catch" - depending on how the boat is rigged, you may be sitting too close or too far away from this point. Also, consider the proper stroke - First legs, then back, then arms, this should overcome any interference with your legs. During the catch and drive your legs should do about 70-75% of the work. The same holds true at the release/return - before you bend your knees, your hands should be past your knees.

Something to consider is going to the website to review oars. There are oars with wood handles and fiberglass shafts, as well as carbon fiber.

Good luck!


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