Re: Decisions, Decisions

Posted by FrankP on Aug 4, 2004

Hey there! I find the NawthBay to be a lovely boat with plenty of stability...once you get used to it. I will say, it is a fast and light boat (well, not mine but the design itself) that will outpace any of the other boats I've tried from CLC (didn't try the Pax boats.) Maybe that's just with me though... It's a pretty easy build but the instructions are just horrendous. They need serious improvement. I think all told (with two instruction manuals) I have around 20 pages. Maybe 10 or so for the North Bay and another 10 or 11 for "general" stitch and glue construction. If you've built a Chessy, though, you should have no problems.

Another suggestion might be a 16 LT or 17LT if you're looking for lower volume than the standard Chessy. I know the 17LT will "fit" a pretty wide range of paddler size. May be a bit more difficult in the 16LT, but unless your really small or really big, it should work. I can't speak to rolling either of them (or the NB for that matter.)


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