Blow 'em Away!

Posted by Howard on Aug 3, 2004

while i am only in my mid 40's, i was the "old man" at a recent company outing that included an afternoon of kayaking...

to make it interesting they suggested a "race to the island"....about 2.5 miles away.

everybody was in identical plastic kayaks and and i was immediately hailed by the remaining fourty and older set as the "secret weapon" becuase several of them knew i built kayaks for recreation.

well, let me tell you, some of these 20 and 30 something kids were pretty buff....and my wife, i am sure would have loved to trade their ripped chests for my slightly less developed abdomin. (not their minds of course...but they did have great bodies). when the race started, the buff crowd jumped out to an early lead....but it was clear that they were arm paddling.

i have viewed brent reitz video many times and have really applied his lessons ...using the right muscles and proper technique to be efficient.

to be honest, as we hit the 2 mile point, i was wondering what was going to happen. i was still behind...but i was staying in form and keeping a pace i knew i could take the remaining distance. to make a long story short, in that last half mile the young bucks started to their poor form simply started to cause them to exhaust themselves. we took them by about 100 feet as they flailed to the finish.

if i was in my own boat, i would have blown them away as any chesapeake "woody" is just darn slippery compared to most anything that is rotomolded. brent reitz and a woody is my bet against against any hack...even if they are working out.

so at the end of the advice, run your own race, stick to your form. if you lose, what the heck...they are a bunch of young bucks wrestling an old what do they prove. if you get to the finish first, you showed them a thing or too.

so no matter which way it goes...if you are a good sport, you win either way.

so go gettem...blow them away!

In Response to: The Showdown! by Mac on Aug 3, 2004