Decisions, Decisions

Posted by J.Schott on Aug 3, 2004

Well, the moment I've benn waiting for has finally arrived. My wife gave me a "gift certificate" to get whatever I want. I going to build another boat. I'm going to be building from plans so it kind limits my choices in the CLC line. I have been building this boat in my mind for a year now but haven't decided what hull. I really like the lines of the wr-18,but no plans available. I could probably get Chris K's book and get the old wr180 plans from that and modify them for more rocker and flat aft deck. Or maybe a Cormorant like Kurt's. I have my plans from my ch-17 but I want a lighter boat that is lower to the water so I can learn to roll. The 17 seems like it would be a challenge for even an experienced person to roll. I'm planning to build light with no hatches. Just a day trip boat for exersize and those days when we don't have our daughter so my wife can paddle solo in the 17. Any suggestions?