Re: cartopping a double

Posted by J.Schott on Aug 3, 2004

I second the suggestion of spreading the bars as far apart as you can. The trouble with car-topping is no matter what kind of rack system you use it (except for a truck rack) the mounts land on the hull where it is the weakest. Ideally you would want the mounts to be on the hull at the bulkheads, but that requires a really long car! I have gone as far as molding a pair of saddles that are 18" long and the full width of the boat to spread the load over a large section of the hull all the way to the chines. Avoid putting too much stress on the keel or the center of the bottom panels. They will flex and bruise the 'glass leaving an ugly white spot of weave showing on your newly finished hull. The hitch mounted t-bar is a great idea if you have a hitch. Another solution is the Malone mounts that CLC sells which put it on its side where it is strongest.Enjoy paddling the Double,it's a great boat!

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