The Showdown!

Posted by Mac on Aug 3, 2004


I'll need you to root for ol' Mac tomorrow afternoon. There's been a challenge issued by my nephew and his lady - both 23 years old and rockwall climbing instructors who own Wilderness Systems rotomolded kayaks.

Seems they think they can take the old man (60) in his 19' woody. (I think they're tired of me saying Tupperware so much - honest - I meant no harm! (giggle).

So tonight I'll watch my Brent Rietz video for the zillionth time in secret, go to bed early, rise late, do a sit up, have a bowl of Wheaties and head for the cottage. The kids are already there and practicing like mad. Ahhh youth!

Now what I need from you all is a list of excuses that you've used and got away with in the past.

Any and all help will be appreciated. I'll let you know how it went next week, so I can wallow in your sympathy and my self pity.

(Gee, imagine if I win? What an insufferable bore I'll become?) Whaddaya mean BECOME?

Have a great weekend paddlers!