Re: Hip Brace Placement

Posted by LeeL on Aug 3, 2004

Hi Rich:

As a start here is what I'd suggest:

1. If you're going to use the tractor seat in the kit, go ahead and glue the two pieces together. Get two boxes and place the seat between them on the floor next to a wall. Have some masking tape handy along with a marker.

2. Sit in the seat and slide the two boxes as close as you can comfortably. Mark one of the boxes at the hip & theigh joints and tape the two boxes in place on the floor.

3. The distance from the mark on the box is the distance from the center of the theigh brace from the backband.

4. The distance the boxes are apart will be the distance needed between the braces. Divide the distance by half and that is the distance you will need on each side of the centerline or keel line.

5. I'd suggest setting the wood braces at this distance to start out. If you want it tighter at some point after you start using the kayak, then a piece of 1/4" closed cell foam can be glued onto each side easily enough. Just be sure to do the same thing to both sides.

Happy Paddling!

In Response to: Hip Brace Placement by Rich Flerra on Aug 2, 2004