Re: Wherry: no crossed oa

Posted by Kelly on Aug 3, 2004

Hi, David,

Yes, I bought the leather oar collars.

That's an excellent point, I think that longer oars might interfere with my knees, especially since I'm 6'1". So why not raise the oarlocks a bit higher on the gunwhale? That's something I might experiment with this fall. I think I'll jerry-rig a set of flexible oars, using whatever I can buy at Home Despot. I'll aim for 8' guide boat oars, and I want them to be flexible past the pinned oarlock pivot. For the first version, I'll probably just use stair rail material, and attach a bit of plywood on the end, just to see if the idea works.

I'm sure the row wing is nice, I just don't want to spend another $1k or so right now.

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