Re: Wherry: no crossed oa

Posted by David Hopkinson on Aug 3, 2004

I'm finishing a Wherry now even though I have used it over a couple of weekends (needs paint and varnish). I did buy a row wing and was able to take a couple of kids for a ride and 1 adult at a time for rides. I find the boat very pleasurable to row. The Row wing sets the pivot point on one of the oars slightly higher to accomodate the crossing of the handles.

I also will be using the fixed seats when I can get my wife or daughter to row with me (Not an easy sell). I believe that if the oars were longer you would be fighting with your knees excessively rowing with the fixed seat setup. The Wherry is very low in the water. I believe that the gunnels of a guide boat are much higher.

Did you buy the leather oar sleaves? They may help you to position the oars more comfortably.

Good Rowing!

In Response to: Wherry: no crossed oars? by Kelly on Aug 3, 2004