Re: carbide scraper

Posted by Mac on Aug 2, 2004

Peter, as Doug has just mentioned, white vinegar is a solvent to uncured epoxy. It contains just enough acid to soften epoxy without damaging you. Be sure to keep those latex gloves on though, as the softened epoxy WILL damage you.

I use a 2" bladed carbide scraper as it is big enough not to dig in where I don't want it to, and small enough to reach into most tight spaces.

I had an incident early on where I'd done a really bad mix of resin and hardener, and it wasn't curing after 48hrs. Folk on this board advised me to get it off. I doused the area with vinegar, scraped, and off it came.

The joy of scrapers - both 2" and the flexible cabinet scrapers - is you can attack green epoxy drips, runs and sags before they set up. If not, you have to wait extra days sometimes for the epoxy to cure glass hard before you can sand - and sand - and....

If you're in trouble and don't have a carbide yet, try an ordinary steel paint scraper - sharp as you can. Still beats sanding!

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