Kicking Off

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Aug 2, 2004

No, I'm not planning on kicking off anytime soon, though my cat may if he doesn't behave himself. But I would like to share a few thoughts for new builders on epoxy kicking off, As it seems to be a recurring problem (see "1st time glassing" thread below).

1. Mix small batches. I never mix more than three oz. at a time. In hot weather, the stuff kicks surprisingly fast.

2. Don't trust the pumps for a proper mix. They usually work fine, but check them when you get new ones by pre-measuring a small paper cup using a 1 oz. measuring spoon and marking the lines at 1 and 3 oz.

3. If you must mix larger batches, put them in a flat tray. I save those flat platic trays from frozen dinners for this. A pie plate lined with plastic wrap works also.

4. A coller with ice can slow down the eoxy a bit.

Just wanted to mention this, as epoxy that has began to kick fills weave/adheres poorly, as a few of you have found out.

good luck



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