Re: carbide scraper

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Aug 2, 2004

Actually, if you're patient, you can use a carbide scraper on cured epoxy. Bear down hard and it will peel the epoxy off in curls like a plane does to wood. This way you won't sand through the surrounding area trying to level a high spot.

Going over the entire boat with a scraper after the first wet-out and after the last fill coat save LOTS of sanding, cursing, crabbing at the wife, tool throwing, waste can-kicking and general incivility. Wonderful tools. Not sure why CLC doesn't promote their use more.

Some builders go a step further and virtually eliminate all but a bit of hand sanding by using cabinet scrapers - flat sheets of metal with one edge worked into a tiny hook. I've never been able to restrain my laziness enough to work up the edge of the old set I have, but my Dad LOVED them. He hated sanding, back in the days before ROS's and dust control. He liked to build boats of Jersey white cedar - a soft wood that was easy to scrape. I can't recall ever seeing him use sand paper on the bare wood. He used bronze wool on the paint (good ole MAB porch & deck).

Wish he was still here. He'd love this forum. He was a writer by trade and I'm sure y'all would have enjoyed his musings on boatbuilding.


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