Re: milky spots in epoxy

Posted by Mac on Aug 1, 2004


Did these spots appear ONLY after the second coat? My bet is a dry spots with the first (wet out)coat. Subsequent coats won't fix or hide them. If you're going to bright finish your deck and you want these spots out (Out Damn Spot!), you're going to have to cut them out carefully with an Exacto knife or single edged razor blade - the sooner the better before the epoxy really cures hard. Depending on their size, you'll then have to decide if you need to patch them or not with fiberglass. This is where your carbide scraper comes into play - either feathering down the edges of the cut or the fuzzy edges of the patch.

How big is your biggest spot?

Don't worry - everything is fixable.

In Response to: milky spots in epoxy by Mischa Williams on Aug 1, 2004