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Posted by J.Schott on Jul 31, 2004

There isn't a small deck beam under the foredeck of a double, it's not necssary. Your instructions are for the whole chesapeake line, so you kinda have to "read between the lines" on the double. You have 2 deck beams and 1 deck support. The deck beams are for support at the front of both of the coamings. The plywood deck "support" goes at the back of the forward coaming. When installing these, double and triple check your measurements, because they are critical for the placement of your coamings and deck. I temporarily installed mine and trial fit my deck to make sure my placement was correct. One more suggestion, run a string along the top of all three. My center support was low and needed some adjustment upward for a proper fit. As far as the deck install, do several trial runs before you commit. Start with the stern panel, then the middle. Trim the ends of the middle deck for the butt joints and repeat for the foredeck. If you need some pics, email me and I'll dig some up. hope this helps-Joey

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