Re: WR18 on Lake Superior

Posted by Mac on Jul 30, 2004

Steve, Oooooh I'm SO envious! I'm actually trying to get power boats mad at me so I can generate a tiny bit of the fun you're having in the fresh water ocean.

Are you alone during the launch? I've seen a lot of pics where a buddy can hold you bow forward while you get your spray skirt on and give you a good shove to get you going. Even a little kid can help here. Derek Hutchinson has us get in solo with the yak positioned correctly on the sand in about 4" of wash. Once ready you use your hand and paddle tip to "hump" into to foaming brine. I'd hate to do this on gravel however.

You'll figger 'er out, and please let us know so I can live another vicarious moment.

All the Best!

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