Yellow or Quaking?

Posted by Lloyd on Jul 30, 2004

I suspect that this is the wood of Yellow-poplar or Tuliptree (Liriodendron Tulipfera). It may be the tallest of the north American heardwoods and very popular as a planting because of its fairly fast growth.

The tree more commonly known as poplar (Populus sp) includes Cottonwood and Quaking Aspen and is closely related to Willow. They are all in the family Salicacae. These are considered trash trees, but the Quaking Aspen provides most of the fall color in the west.

Someone else in this thead suggested Yellow Poplar.

I know little about wood (my tree knowledge comes from an unused degree in forestry), but my old dendrology book states that Yellow Poplar wood is a high quality hardwood.

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