Re: WR18 behavior in wave

Posted by Dennis Rioux on Jul 29, 2004


Okay, definitely not 2' then since I could always see the horizon -- 1' seems about right judging how they looked relative to the height of my coaming. My friend has a Valley Canoe Products- Avocet RM 16 footer and I could see his bow didn't bury like mine (it is quite a bit pointier and narrower and upswept (? it rides out of the water) at the bow than the WR18) and he reported bobbing around a lot on top of the waves on the way back when we were traveling with the wind.

I guess I am just trying to figure out if I am doing anything wrong, if this is how this particular kayak should behave, or if maybe I left a lot of tools in the foreward compartment during construction and forgot to take them out. Thanks for clearing me up on the broaching thing.


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