Re: 1st time glassing

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jul 28, 2004

Your "blotch" could be an area of poor adhesion. Did you squeegee it to make it stick? Once the epoxy is on for a few hours, adding more won't fix it. I once had a problem like this that I missed due to poor lighting and my chronic laziness. The epoxy was just soft enough to respond to a heavy dose of vineger, which softened the epoxy more (washed most of it off, actually) and allowed me dry and recoat the area. Can't recall how it looked cosmetically, as I didn't care since I was going to paint the area.

If it is poor adhesion, and you do want a clear finish, you may have to carefully (very) cut out the glass with a sharp utility knife, or (better) a new single edged razor blade, then reglass it.

Wish I could be more encouraging, but if it's poor adhesion, in a large area, you have to fix it.


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